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Pay for the Energy only, not the solar system

In RESCO Model consumer need not to pay any amount upfront, but needs to pay on a per unit price for power. Amplus enters into a long-term agreement by signing a PPA with the customer at a pre-decided tariff. This is also called as BOOT or OPEX model by many.

Amplus Off-site model

Amplus installs and maintains large scale solar parks at a location away from your site and wheels electricity to you using the state-owned transmission network. Customers get the multi-fold-benefit:
  • Zero investment from customer
  • No Techno-financial  risk for customer
  • Guaranteed Savings for every unit of solar electricity purchased

In RESCO model, Amplus offers Solar Power As A Service (SPAAS) which protects clients from techno-financial and commercial risks in using Solar Power while delivering long term commercial savings and contributing significantly towards environmental sustainability.

In the SPAAS Model, Amplus invests, designs, procures, engineers, constructs, installs, commissions and maintains the Solar plant. Amplus then produces the power and sells it at a price lucrative to its customers

spaas model structure

Market Leader in Open Access Solar

  •  Largest Market share in Open Access Solar in India in 2018
  • 210+ MWp capacity from two solar parks
  • 40+ globally renowned customers purchasing solar power through Open Access route
Amplus has successfully installed and commissioned two open access solar parks in the state of Karnataka
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