Amplus Solar

A culture of health and well-being is integral to any company. A strong culture acts as a protective shield for a business during ups and downs. At Amplus, we are a blend of Collective creativity and collective responsibility.

We have created a culture that is attractive to those who break the mould. We follow a no cabin culture. Amplus believes that employee from junior cadre to top can freely interact and discuss, share thoughts by working on same floor with no barriers of walls between workstations.



Amplus Solar

At Amplus, we work as team and achieve our common goal like the saying " coming together is a beginning". Employees with different tastes, feelings and thoughts share the attitude of oneness by working in Amplus. Any achievement or failure is not attributed to one but the entire team. 

Together we work, celebrate, enjoy and grow. Birthdays, Festivals and Work victories are celebrated with great enthusiasm by everyone here.