Amplus Energy Storage Systems

Today's and future's power grids are characterised by a high share of renewable energy sources.

For Front of the meter applications targeting the C&I customers Amplus has launched solar energy storage systems. Solar energy storage system is a solar power battery storage system which can provide power as and when required. When paired with PV Systems, it is able to offer various functionalities like DG Mitigation, Peak Shaving, thereby, increasing the potential savings of the clients. In addition to this, it enhances the flexibility of client's power supply, especially for critical facilities which commonly face grid outages.

For behind the meter clients like Utilities and T&D, high share of RE will lead to massive fluctuating power injection, which needs to be balanced by battery energy storage. Amplus Energy Storage System will be able provide

  • Peak Shaving and Load Balancing
  • Day to Night shifting of renewable PV Energy
  • RE Smoothening

Amplus solar is one of the first movers in Indian industry to establish solar energy storage solutions to commercial and industrial clients.

What Amplus Offers?

  • ESAAS - Energy Storage as a Service on PPA
  • Solar Energy Battery Storage as a Service on PPA
  • Solar Energy Battery Storage on Leasing
  • Solar Energy Battery Storage on Capex

Applications for C&I (Front of the Meter)

Back-up Power:
Solar energy storage system can provide back-up power during Grid power outages for the complete load of customers as an alternative to their present Diesel Generators.
Supplement Low Contract Demand or No Grid Connection:
Certain industries/facilities are unable to get the required capacity of Contract Demand from Distribution Company due to certain limitations. Under such situation these facilities are forced to use Diesel Generators (DG) continuously to run their part load as an off-grid system Solar energy storage system can provide power to such facilities for certain hours of the day depending on the load profile and Solar PV space available at a much lower price.
Reduce Demand Charges:
Many of these facilities end up paying demand charges for the Peak Demand for the entire month even if the peak demand is only for a short duration. There are cases where customers end up paying penalty on the demand charges due to higher demand than the contracted demand from DISCOM. solar energy storage solutions can be used in parallel with Grid to reduce Peak Demand and minimize a significant component of the customer's electricity bill. Solar energy storage system automatically discharge power every time the facility faces load spikes.
Reduce Energy Charges:
Sometimes the facilities' maximum loads coincide with the utility's peak-rate hours, through solar energy storage we can time-shift the peak electricity usage by letting the energy storage system charge during the off-peak hours. Thus, helping clients meet their energy needs at a reduced cost.
Uninterrupted power supply (UPS) to enable Solar PV for users:
UPS is used in many industrial and commercial establishments to avoid tripping of loads immediately after grid outage. Traditionally UPS is designed and placed in the client electrical system to provide back-up power during the transition from Grid outage to DG start. During Grid Outage Solar PV cannot operate with UPS. On the other hand, solar power battery storage can provide the functionality of UPS as well as reference for operation of Solar PV, thereby enabling the customers for Solar PV use.
Increased Reliability:
Increased consumption of self-generated solar power would reduce the proportion of grid power used each month. As a result, it decreases the effect on customer's electricity bill due to changes in the utility rates.

Our Projects:

Till now Amplus has successfully installed and commissioned two Solar energy storage system projects:

At Western UP Toll Plaza at Siwaya (near Meerut) of 83kWp Solar capacity and 96kWh Lithium-ion Battery System (OPEX)
The system used here is a hybrid combination of Solar PV system and the advanced battery energy storage Lithium ion batteries. This system deployed by Amplus powers entire load of Siwaya Toll Plaza and meets up to 50% of their total energy needs. This is one of the first plant of its kind in India with the extensive logic in the EMS (Energy Management System) controlling all the sources.
At Vanbhawan (Forest Department),, Gadchiroli, Nagpur of size 15kWp Solar and 96kWh Tubular Flooded Lead Battery (CAPEX model)
Due to the remote location of the office, the Grid availability is not very good and experience frequent power outages. This Solar energy storage system has helped them get uninterrupted, reliable and a very good quality of power at nearly constant frequency, voltage levels.
Unrivaled projects like these makes Amplus the leader among solar battery storage companies.

Amplus has been felicitated and awarded the Solar+ Storage Excellence Awards 2018 for the following categories:

  • THE NATIONAL ENERGY EFFICIENCY AWARD 2018 BY CII for Best Application and Uses of Renewable Energy Storage Project at Siwaya Toll Plaza.