Too many Grid Outages and no power reliability?

Ensure Zero interruption of power despite grid outages with Battery integrated Solar PV solution 

Optimise your energy consumption and increase your savings for your business.

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solar cell generating electricity and installed in the forest wi

Amplus Storage Solution model

Amplus helps you manage the energy usage through its customised battery energy storage solutions

As a customer, you get the multi-fold-benefit:

  • Enhanced energy independence
    reduced monthly demand charges
  • Guaranteed electricity savings
    for every unit purchased
  • Seamless integration of Battery
    with your solar plant

How Solar plus storage Model works

Power Purchase Agreement Payment per kWh as per tariff plan
Capital Investment
Battery Integrated Solar PV plant
Electricity Sale
  • Amplus provides upfront investment and sets up the plant
  • Amplus signs a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with customer at a pre-determined tariff
  • Amplus does designing, procurement, construction, installation and commissioning of the plant on the premises of the customer
  • The customer pays per kWh for electricity
  • The customer gets predictive solution as it reduces the dependency on grid electricty
  • The customer enjoys guaranteed savings through reduction in electricity bills as Amplus’ tariffs are lower than that of grid
  • Amplus provides hassle-free maintenance to the plant through real-time analytics and remote monitoring system.

  When would you require a Solar
plus Storage solution?

  • As an alternate to DG

    • Battery systems can be used as an alternative to your present Diesel Generator during Grid outages
  • To supplement low contract demand

    • This would act as an additional power supply if you are unable to get the required capacity of contract demand from DISCOMs due to certain limitations.
  • To reduce demand charges

    • Battery-based systems can be charged when utility prices are low and discharged during peak demand when energy prices are high.
    • Battery-based systems can automatically discharge power every time you face load spikes
  • To have uninterrupted power supply

    • Battery-based system provides the UPS functionality to operate with solar PV plant even during grid outage.
  • To have increased reliability

    • This will increase the consumption of self-generated solar power, thus reduce the proportion of grid power used each month.

Pioneer in Storage Solutions under OPEX

  • First mover in the Indian industry to establish
    Battery Integrated Solar energy solution for
    Commercial & Industrial customers under
    OPEX model
  • Felicitated with Solar energy storage
    Company of the Year award at Solar + Storage
    Excellence Awards 2018
  • Innovating through its offerings to stay
    ahead of the competition

Amplus has successfully installed and commissioned BESS projects


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