Integrity. Ethical. Responsible.

Amplus is committed to upholding the greatest level of integrity, transparency, and accountability in how it runs its operations and company. It strives to run the business in an ethical, responsible, and transparent way. Any Amplus employee or member of the public can report any improper behaviour within Amplus through the channels provided by Amplus.

Any parties may file a whistleblower complaint regarding any wrongdoings they may witness or encounter by undertaking any of the following:

  • • Fraud;
  • • Abuse of Power;
  • • Conflict of Interest;
  • • Misuse of Company's Property;
  • • Bribery;
  • • Theft or embezzlement;
  • • Non-Compliance with Procedure;

The preceding list is not all-inclusive and contains any actions or inactions that, if proven, would violate the PETRONAS/ Amplus Code of Conduct and Business Ethics (CoBE) or be considered crimes under applicable laws now in place.

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Trust the process. Act today.

To the extent that it is practically possible, an anonymous whistleblower who submits a disclosure through Amplus Whistleblowing procedures shall have their identity protected. Additionally, an employee who reports improper conduct that has been perpetrated or is going to be committed inside Amplus will be protected from any negative and unfavourable actions for doing so, to the extent that is practically possible, provided that the disclosure is made in good faith.

Such protection is given even if it turns out that the whistleblower was wrong about the facts and the relevant rules and procedures after further examination. For more info, kindly refer to  Amplus Whistleblowing Policy

Create a difference. Blow the whistle.

Report any illegal activity (misconduct or criminal offence) you know of that has been conducted or is about to be committed within the Amplus by giving us the required details. You can either send us an email using the link below or send it via mailbox to the address shared below.

To email, send email to

Send your physical disclosure to:
6th Floor, The Palm Square,
Golf Course Extn. Road, Sector- 66,
Gurugram, Haryana, India – 122102

Information Required to submit a disclosure:

  • • Nature of the misconduct
  • • The date and location of the incident
  • • The identity of the alleged wrongdoer
  • • Witnesses or evidence, if any

*All disclosures will be treated in the strictest confidence

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Frequently Asked Questions

It is an act of voluntary disclosure/reporting to the Management of any improper conduct (misconduct or criminal offence or malpractices) committed or about to be committed by an employee of the company for further action.
Any employee (or group of employees) of AMPLUS or members of the public including vendors, contractors or customers who makes a disclosure against an employee of the company about an actual, suspected or anticipated improper conduct within the company.
This policy is to provide an avenue for all employees of AMPLUS and members of the public to disclose any improper conduct involving an employee of AMPLUS in accordance with the procedures as provided for under this policy and to provide protection for employees and members of the public who report such allegations.

    We will pursue all types of complaints which includes:

  • • Bribe;
  • • Abuse of Power;
  • • Fraud;
  • • Conflict of Interest;
  • • Theft or embezzlement;
  • • Misuse of Company's Property;
  • • Non-Compliance with Procedure;

The above list is not exhaustive and include any act or omissions, which if proven, will constitute an act of omissions, misconduct under AMPLUS' Code of Conduct and Business Ethics (CoBE) or any criminal offence under relevant legislations in force.

A whistle-blower can make a complaint through one of the following Whistleblowing channels:
  • • The following information is required by AMPLUS in order to expedite the communication, investigation, deliberation and decision-making:-
    • 1. Details of the person(s) involved;
    • 2. Details of the allegation: -
      • . Nature of the allegation;
      • . Where and when the alleged misconduct/wrongdoing took place;
    • 3. Other relevant information; and
    • 4. Any supporting evidence if available.
  • • Whistle-blower to ensure that the email is contactable and valid for further communication/clarification with the Whistleblowing Secretariat.
Whistleblowing Channel accepts any form of evidence provided by a whistle-blower (e.g., pictures, videos, and voice recording, etc).
  • • Whistle-blower's identity who makes a complaint through the Whistleblowing Channel will be protected under the AMPLUS Whistleblowing Policy.
  • • Whereas other channels may not protect the confidentiality of the whistle-blower's identity.
Yes, a whistle-blower may withdraw his/her complaint.
No, it is not a requirement for a whistle-blower to reveal his/her identity. A whistle-blower can choose to remain anonymous as long as he/she provides information as per 1.2.2 and can be contactable for further queries.

A whistle-blower will be protected under AMPLUS Whistleblowing Policy as per following:

  • • Protection of confidentiality of identity, to the extent reasonably practicable.
  • • Protected against any adverse or detrimental actions.
There is no possibility that a whistle-blower's identity is leaked during an investigation.
Under the AMPLUS Whistleblowing Policy, the nature of the complaint and the identity of the whistle-blower will be protected, as far as reasonably practicable unless the whistle-blower conducts himself/herself in a manner which may result in the revocation of the said protection.
Identity of whistle-blower is kept confidential by Whistleblowing Secretariat (WBS) unless consent to disclose whistle-blower’s identity is granted by whistle-blower.