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Solar Plant’s performance?

Monitor your plant performance and ensure zero downtime with Hawk Ai Energy & Data Monitoring Solution. 

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What makes Hawk Ai Energy Monitoring Solution Unique

Amplus has developed a state-of-the-art in-house data monitoring solution that helps you track your plant’s performance. Now you can manage and track the performance of multiple solar plants from anywhere, in real-time.

Hawk Ai Energy Monitoring System Dashboard


Transparency: Micro-monitoring

Unlike standard monitoring systems, Hawk Ai is capable of string level monitoring.

  • Enables root-cause analysis
  • Gives a component view of the system
  • Breaking of entire system into smaller units (strings) ensures a quicker diagnosis

Hawk Ai provides a detailed performance report, plant wise.

  • Performance Ratio (PRs) trackers
  • Cleaning Frequency & Maintenance schedules
  • Customised dashboards with mobile-friendly interface

Minimal Human Intervention: DG and Grid Sync

Hawk Ai enables auto- synchronisation with DG during grid outages

  • Reduced usage of diesel, resulting in Savings of up to ₹20/unit
  • Minimal loss of Solar power generation during grid outage

Zero Grid Export

  • In absence of net-metering, excess power generation is auto-terminated to avoid additional charges

Pioneers in state-of-the-art Remote Monitoring System

  • CII Performance Excellence Awards 2019
    for Solar and Wind Projects
  • Felicitated with Middle East Solar Energy
    leadership for Best Solar Analytics Company
    of the Year 2017
  • Inhouse and dedicated data
    analytics team

Hawk Ai uses Data monitoring and analytics solutions for its plants
and ensures Zero Downtime

Hawk Ai Energy Monitoring & Data Analytics Team in action