What if your rooftop could be a power producer?

Pay per kWh from your solar plant with added value to your premises 

Significant cost savings for businesses


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Amplus On-Site model

Amplus funds and installs a rooftop (or Ground-mount) solar power plant on your premises. Solutions are customised to suit your requirements and include carports & superstructures.

As a customer, you get the multi-fold-benefit:

  • Zero investment
    from customer
  • No Techno-financial 
    risk for customer
  • Guaranteed Savings
    for every unit purchased
  • End-to-End
    service delivery
  • Hassle-free Maintenance
    ensuring high performance

How the model works

Power Purchase Agreement Payment per kWh as per tariff plan
Capital Investment
Rooftop or Ground mounted PV plant
Electricity Sale
  • Amplus provides Upfront Investment and sets up the plant
  • Amplus signs a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with customer
  • Amplus does Designing, Procurement, Construction, Installation and Commissioning of the plant on the premises of the customer
  • The customer pays per kWh of electricity
  • The customer enjoys Guaranteed Savings through reduction in electricity bills as Amplus’ tariffs are and will always be lower than that of grid
  • Amplus provides Hassle-Free Maintenance to the plant through real-time analytics and remote monitoring system.

Rooftop & Ground-Mount Focused

  • First entrant in distributed
    rooftop segment to scale up
  • 150+ MWp of Onsite Projects
    over 200 sites
  • 10+ MWp projects for Educational
    Institutes and Hospitals subsidized by MNRE

Recommended by customers who are leading the ‘clean energy way’ with Amplus’ on-site Solar plants

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