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HT Media Limited – Complete knock-down approach for Project Execution

Facts at a Glance-

  • ◐ ProjectCapacity: 500 KW
  • ◐ Projectlocation: HT Media, Greater Noida
  • ◐ of plant: Roof-top spread over 6000 Sq. Meters pre-engineered roof
  • ◐ Technical details
    • PV Modules- 1560 Nos. of Trina 320 Wp poly-crystalline modules
    • Inverter- 7 Nos. of SMA STP60 inverters
  • ◐ Annual Generation: 6,50,000 KWh
  • ◐ emissions curbed: 14,079 Tonnes over project lifetime of 25 years


HT Media Limited is a mass media company based out of Delhi. It’s legacy in mass communication dates toas early as 1924. HT Media joined hands with Amplus Energy to solarize its printing press plant located in Greater Noida through 500 KWp solar PV plant. The solar plant spans across 6000 Sqm rooftop of the plant and is expected to generate 6.5 Lakh units (KWh) solar power annually. With this plant, HT Media substantiates its commitment towards being an ecologically responsible organization. The solar plant was declared commercial on 28 March 2017. The plant is expected to generate green energy equivalent to 13,617 Indian’s annual electricity needs over its lifetime of 25 years.

Unique aspects of the project:

HT Media is Amplus’ first client from the Media Industry. Entire installation was done amidst the printing press running under the roof. Running press made the execution difficult and hence extra safety & security standards were maintained to conduct different activities safely. Dedicated security officer was deployed during the construction phase. Best practices like tool box, training of workers before starting the work, etc. were followed.

The project was done with CKD (Complete Knock-down) approach w.r.t. material supply at the site. Under this approach, construction started after the delivery of complete material at the site. It was challenging to get delivered the complete material before starting the work. We therefore got the material delivered in a window with regular follow-ups. The CKD approach ensured that minimum time was spent at site for project construction activities.

All of these resulted into one of the best projects of Amplus till date in terms of quality, safety and duration. The credit for successful completion of the project goes to Hemant Makode (Project Manager) and his team.

India Exposition Mart Limited – Construction amidst the Expos!

Facts at a Glance-

  • ◐ ProjectCapacity:2514.2 KW
  • ◐ Projectlocation: IEML Greater Noida
  • ◐ of plant:: Roof-top spread over 35000 Sq. Meters pre-engineered building
  • ◐ Technical details
    • PV Modules-7860 Nos. of Trina 320 Wp poly-crystalline modules
    • Inverter- - 33 Nos. of SMA STP60 inverters
  • ◐ Annual Generation:32,68,000 KWh
  • ◐ emissions curbed: 72,365 Tonnes over project lifetime of 25 years


IEML is a multipurpose trade mart with exhibition and convention facilities. The 2514 MW rooftop solar plant at IEML’s Greater Noida facility in collaboration with Amplus Solar, is the first solar plant for an Expo Mart in India. The PV panels have been installed over 3 roofs of 8000, 7000 and 20,000 Square meter areas. The solar plant has been declared commercial on 31st May 2017. This plant not only serves as a testimony of IEML’s commitment towards ‘going green and reducing carbon footprint’, but will also bring total savings of INR 380 Million over project lifetime of 25 years. Reduction in carbon emissions resulting from the solar plant over 25 years can be equated to 18.16 Lakh seedlings grown for 10 years.

Unique aspects of the project:

IEML project is Amplus’ first project for an Expo Mart. The project construction took 2 months’ time and in that duration many expos were going on. It was challenging to work during those times while ensuring no damage being caused to the façade anywhere. The rooftop solar plant was installed on 3 separate roofs with different sheet specifications. The diversity created challenge in structural engineering and material supply. At one point in the construction lifecycle, a total of 180 manpower was deployed and manpower management posed a bigger challenge. To tackle these issues, financial incentives were provided to our installation contractor to maintain a minimum manpower of 150. Best practices in safety and security viz. security official, safety training, etc. were put into place so that no disturbance was caused to the ongoing expos. High quality work was delivered well in time.

This could be possible because of arduous work of Mr. Sunil Vvs, the project manager and his team.

Raisoni Group Educational Institutes–35-40% improvement in the performance of existing sites!

Facts at a Glance-

  • ◐ ProjectCapacity: 265 KW
  • ◐ Projectlocation: Raisoni Group Educational institutes across Nagpur, Jalgaon & Amravati
  • ◐ Type of plant:: Roof-top
  • ◐ Technical details
    • PV Modules-Vikram Solar
    • Inverter-SMA/Fronius
  • ◐ Annual Generation:3,44,500 KWh
  • ◐ emissions curbed: 7461.87 Tonnes over project lifetime of 25 years

The Challenges and Amplus approach to tackle them:

Amplus Energy acquired 5 existing solar sites of Raisoni Group Educational institutes across Nagpur, Jalgaon and Amravati. Raisoni group had installed these solar plants with the help of some other vendor and these sites were generating very less power due to various reasons. The solar plants had all sorts of problems, for example, placement of modules under shadow, pillars interspersed across the PV plants, weak structure, uneven panel tilts, uncovered cables, etc. Since the sites were acquired ones, original plant design was not there. Also on acquired sites there is limited budget to be invested. It was a big challenge to do the retrofitting of the sites and achieve the expected generation under the planned budget.

Experts from electrical and mechanical design team were deployed at the sites for detailed study. The As-Is design was prepared and the key problem areas were identified. The scope of work was finalized by the Project Management team through multiple iterations of Generation Improvement Vs Cost trade-off exercise. All the sites were retrofitted within small span of 40 Days. In order to cut execution cost, materials for different sites were transported in single vehicle from Gurgaon to Maharashtra. Some sites were even 250-300 Km away from each other. Logistics and Material loading and unloading philosophy was carefully planned to avoid wrong delivery of the item. LIFO (Last In First Out) philosophy was followed for material loading and unloading.

The project has been completed and an improvement of 35-40% is expectedin solar generation across all the plants.

Pushpender Raghav, the Project Manager and his team had a crucial role to play in successful delivery of the project.

Rapid metro

Facts at a Glance-

  • ◐ ProjectCapacity: 403.15 kWp
  • ◐ Projectlocation: Gurgaon, Haryana
  • ◐ Type of plant:Rooftop spread over 4567.90 Sq. Meters pre-engineered roof
  • ◐ Technical details
    • PV Modules- 1156 No.s of Sunpower modules in combination of 345 Wp & 350 Wp capacities.
    • Inverter- 6 No.s of SMA 60 kW inverters
  • ◐ Annual Generation: 509.5 MWh
  • ◐ emissions curbed: 11390 Tonnes


Amplus Energy solutions partnered with Rapid Metro Gurgaon, owned by Infrastructure Leasing & Financial Services Limited (IL&FS), one of India’s leading infrastructure development and finance companies to provide solar power for its depot in Gurgaon, Haryana. Amplus will operate and maintain the 403.15 kWp solar plant over its lifetime of 25 years which is expected to generate solar energy of 11,839,856 units over system’s lifetime. Through this partnership, Rapid Metro Gurgaon plans to reduce its CO2 emissions by 11390 MT which is equivalent to planting 295,183 trees in India.

Unique aspects of the project:

This project is Rapid Metro’s one-of-a-kind green initiative and is perhaps the only one in Gurgaon public Transportation division. Besides, Amplus employed Udyogi permanent safety lines for the first time during the construction phase of this plant. Let us briefly look at the challenges faced and how were they addressed:

Challenges of Project Management team:

After assessing the site with the technical team and taking in account the area capacity and other parameters, following were the obstacles identified by the team:

  • ◐ Safety concerns in the aspect of turbo vents and skylights
  • ◐Placing modules over skylights would make the regular maintenance onerous. This is due to non-accessibility for cleaning.

To overcome these, Amplus proposed a brand-new methodology of “Installing modules over skylights”. Some striking practices under this methodology that Amplus executed are:

“Mesh installation” on the skylights to mitigate the risk of their breakages

  • ◐ “Walkway optimization” to access each module while maintenance
  • ◐ Efficient space utilization – The team has even used both the adjacent spaces of skylight
  • ◐ Instead of entirely using 345 Wp modules, Amplus employed composition of 345 Wp and 350Wp Sunpower modules

Through these innovative practices, Amplus has optimized the plant’s capacity to the original proposal made of 403.15 Kwp.

The solar plant was formally inaugurated in Gurugram, Haryana in the presence of Mr. Sanjeev Aggarwal MD & CEO, Amplus Energy Solutions and Mr. Rajiv Banga MD & CEO, Rapid Metro Gurgaon.

The plant has got commissioned on April 3rd, 2018 and the entire team was appreciated by the client for achieving the target date despite many challenges thrown during execution.

“This was possible because of the relentless efforts of the entire team at Amplus” – Monika Uniyal, Project Manager at Amplus.

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