rooftop solar power plant progress

The government of India realized the behemoth task it has and ushered in an era of sustainable development. The government has pushed solar power generation so that renewables are a sizeable component in the energy mix of the country. This has made a layman in the country curious about solar power generation.

Solar grid connected system

Let us first elaborate that solar power generation can be through various ways viz. thermal, photovoltaic conversion of energy. The depleting costs of solar panels has boosted the growth of solar PV power projects in the country.

Solar Photovoltaic Project basically consists of solar modules and inverters as the main components. The solar irradiation falling upon the solar cells ( primarily made of a semiconductor ) results in generation of electricity ( DC Power ). This power is converted to usable AC Power via a solar inverter. The crucial point to remember for the consumers is that the solar power generation cannot replace the power from DisCom (Distribution Company) unless the solar power generation system is designed with batteries. Since, the solution with batteries is still not prevalent in India, most of the solar power generation projects are equipped with grid tied inverters which provide electricity as long as there is a main source like Grid Power or Diesel Generator. Hence, the solar power generation feeds into the consumers’ load and the balance power is taken from the grid or diesel generator.

The solar power generation market is currently segmented into utility scale and rooftop scale solar power projects. The government has set up an ambitious target of 100 GW solar power generation. This is categorized as 60 GW utility solar projects and 40 GW rooftop solar projects. Amplus Energy is one of the leading rooftop solar generators in India that is playing a pivotal role in realization of these targets.

With the biggest rooftop solar power project in India at Yamaha campus at Noida, Amplus Energy has attained the technical expertise and know-how of how to build state of art solar projects in India conditions.