Solar Panel for Businesses

Solar panel for businessess 1

“Sun is the source of all energy” suddenly came to the fore of peoples’ thoughts. Despite all the buzz around the solar panels, solar panel installation remained a rare story because the economics simply didn’t match up to the hype and buzz vis a vis clean energy.

Then came a technology revolution across the globe that has plummeted prices of solar panels. Suddenly, the economics worked out and came a boom in the business of solar panels.

Such low are the prices that the solar energy achieved grid parity and now beats the conventional sources of energy in all ways. Solar Panel companies like Emmvee Solar, Jinko Solar, Trina Solar, Canadian Solar lead the mass production of solar modules.

Inverter companies like SMA, Delta, Fronious, ABB, TEIMIC lead the way for the conversion of DC energy produced by the solar panels to AC energy that can be consumed by the appliances.

Engineering, Procurement and Construction companies, such as Tata Solar, Sterling and Wilson, lead the integration of the components to deliver the solar projects.

Solar panel for businessess - Amplus Solar

While all these companies were growing and the industry was booming, consumers still were resistant to the idea because of the huge upfront capital cost. And then arrived the solar developer companies, such as Amplus Energy, that resulted in the massive escalation of businesses. These solar panel businesses are businesses with a bright future.

Solar panel for businessess

The International Energy Agency expects solar panel businesses to provide one-quarter of the world’s energy needs by 2050, and it predicts that 11 percent of solar energy will come from solar panels installed on houses and office buildings. This is an industry which is growing every day and thus, every day there are new kinds of businesses that arise.

“Some of the businesses which have or will spring up in next few years are energy auditing, solar financial consulting, solar panels cleaning, solar energy grid integration, etc”.

Amplus Energy, for instance, is a shining example of how the solar panel businesses have skyrocketed their ways to success. It is a company for the future, providing greener energy and a greener growth to the nation.