Green Energy Solutions

Solar Power is the most prevalent among all green energy solutions since solar energy is accessible in most parts of the world. While Solar Water Heaters have been in use for last few decades, Solar Photovoltaic energy has picked up in last decade and is set to contribute a great proportion of the total energy portfolio of the world.

Green energy solutions

Wind Power is best harnessed at high altitude and offshore locations, which provide best conditions for harnessing the strongest winds to produce energy. Hydropower is caused by the earth’s water cycle, including evaporation, rainfall, tides and the force of water running through a dam.

Green energy solutions 3

Geothermal energy in the form of hot springs has been used by humans for millennia for bathing, and now it’s being used to generate electricity.

“It’s important to understand the time needed to justify the associated upfront costs of these green energy solutions”.

Even though many of these green energy solutions can save the consumers a bundle over the period, many of them are expensive and require years before the initial expenses are justified. And this is precisely the reason, solar energy is making inroads into the energy foray, since not only does solar energy save the consumer a bundle, but also costs less than conventional energy sources.Amplus Energy, for instance, is one of the leading distributed solar developer companies in India that makes an unwatchable proposition of cheaper energy with no upfront investment from the consumer.