7 Advancements in Solar in 2021

Advancements in Solar

Solar is a clean and renewable source of energy. It is a practical and efficient alternative to conventional power. A solar power system consisting of PV panels is the most efficient way to generate solar power and implement solar into our homes and offices. Each PV module (solar panel) is a collection of many solar cells (wafer) that absorb sunlight to produce electricity. This way, a solar system converts light from the sun into electricity.

For years, solar energy solutions have been limited, underdeveloped and expensive. However, given the environmental need, the advancement in solar has taken a positive turn. New, more promising solar technologies have emerged in the market. The Government across the globe are investing resources in advancing solar technology. Solar energy companies in India have been proactive in this movement as well. There are many technological advancements in solar in the pipeline but here are the ones that made 2021 the year of solar. Please note not all of these are commercially available in the market for use, and are under development. 


Advancements in Solar Technology:


  1. Integrated Photovoltaics

Building Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV) is a dual-purpose solar system solution. It acts as a protective and aesthetically-appealing exterior of the architecture as canopies, facades, roofs, curtain walls, and skylight systems. At the same time, it produces electricity for on-site use while the surplus goes back to the grid via net metering. PV glass has emerged as a highly versatile product for this application.

Transparent photovoltaic cells, or PV glass, are used to manufacture BIPV systems. The material allows sunshine to pass through to brighten the inside of the building while it generates solar energy. It can be a smart property improvement idea for those planning to refurbish their homes. Not only is it cost-efficient, but there are practical advantages too. PV glass is easy to maintain, provides sound insulation, and optimizes the thermal performance of your building.

  1. Bio-solar Cells

Researchers are exploring the solar power generation potential of biological components existing in nature. The protein complexes responsible for photosynthesis or energy conversion in plants are being experimented with to work as a renewable source of energy. Cyanobacteria are at the core of this process and can power our wireless devices. 

However, the energy efficiency of these biosolar cells is still far from satisfactory. Experts believe that biocells will eventually come in handy at remote locations where we largely use short-lived batteries through more research and technological advancements.


  1. Better Conversion to Electricity and Storage

Apart from the current solar panels, could there be another and possibly more efficient way of converting sunlight into energy? The same question led researchers from Israel and Germany to rediscover photosynthesis. It is proven to be the most efficient way of producing energy and is already occurring within plants. 

Their study further unveiled that inventing the artificial photosynthesis machine is possible using biomass as a fuel. Like solar panels, these machines can absorb and turn sunlight into energy and then follow a more natural and efficient process to preserve it to meet future needs.


  1. Floating PV Solar Panels

Setting up a solar farm requires several acres of land. Not many countries can allocate such a large stretch of land to solar power plants. Thankfully, floating solar farms present a more viable alternative to meeting solar needs when there is scarcity of land. Floating PV solar panels can produce solar energy with better efficiency without occupying valuable land. 

The technology has gained much traction since the first commercial use of floating solar panels in Japan in 2007. India is also planning to install a floating solar energy project of 600MWp at the Omkareshwar dam in Madhya Pradesh.


  1. Wireless Power From Space

Led by The Japanese Space Agency (JAXA), Wireless Power From Space has the potential to revolutionize our entire solar industry. The idea behind it is that by increasing the proximity between solar panels and the sun, we can boost the efficiency and quantity of solar energy produced. To that end, the Space Solar Power Systems (SSPS) project attempts to put solar panels near Earth’s orbit.


  1. Energy Harvesting Tree

Researchers from Finland are working towards a vision of a tree that absorbs solar energy and stores it in the leaves. These leaves can further channel the energy harvested to power mobile phones and small appliances. 

This 3D printed tree is likely to use biomaterials whose composition will be similar to organic wood. Each leaf will be able to absorb sunlight and source kinetic energy from the air. The tree’s versatile design will empower it to sustain both in an indoor and outdoor environment. The VTT research centre in Finland is working on this project, which is at the prototype stage.


  1. Thin-film Solar Cells

Solar panels harness up to 46% of solar energy as compared to 18% when they have up to four layers of solar cells. While layering increases their efficiency, such panels are considerably more expensive than standard panels.

With the invention of the latest solar fabric, that is thinner and more lightweight, solar layering can be achieved. This fabric is flexible and can be easily used on circular structures as well. Solar cells made with this new solar fabric can cover large areas and work effectively even in places with low levels of light.

Solar technology is progressing by leaps and bounds towards the future of inexpensive, zero-emission electricity. New solar technologies and solar energy solutions are bringing us closer to the net-zero goal. As one of the leading solar energy companies in India, Amplus Solar keeps on top of the latest solar advancements to make the solar-powered future accessible and feasible for you. 

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