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Our Team of world class professionals with extensive experience in business development, construction, operations, financing and analytics has worked with best of the utility companies across the world. Our people are committed to deliver only the best!

Our India Management Team
  • Sharad Pungalia

    Sharad Pungalia

    Managing Director & CEO
  • Dilip Mehta Dilip Mehta Senior VP – Projects Delivery

    Dilip Mehta

    Chief Operating Officer (COO)
  • Anil Bhat Anil Bhat Senior VP Business Development - Rooftop

    Anil Bhat

    Business CEO, Distributed Generation
  • Sachin Bajaj Sachin Bajaj Chief Financial Officer

    Sachin Bajaj

    Chief Financial Officer
  • Abhishek Goyal

    Abhishek Goyal

    Senior VP- Capital and Risk Management
  • Anupam Awasthi

    Anupam Awasthi

    Sr. Vice President - Project Management
  • Birjendra Sangwaiya

    Birjendra Sangwaiya

    Senior VP- International Business
  • Ojasvi Gupta

    Ojasvi Gupta

    Senior VP - International Business
  • Alok Verma Alok Verma VP - Policy & Regulatory

    Alok Verma

    VP - Business Development
  • Ankur Gupta

    Ankur Gupta

    VP New Products & Technology
  • Rashmi Shringi

    Rashmi Shringi

    VP - Operations and Maintenance
  • Vikas Sareen Vikas Sareen VP - Engineering Design

    Vikas Sareen

    VP - International Projects
  • Suthagar Santhanam

    Suthagar Santhanam

    VP - Projects
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