Amplus Energy Monitoring System is a data analytics and energy management system developed by Amplus Solar for the commercial and industrial segment. Through Amplus Energy Monitoring system we help you measure your plant generation in real time making it easier to access, manage and track the performance of multiple solar plants from anywhere,to establish a basis for energy management and explain deviations from targets.Energy management could save up to 70% of the energy consumption in a typical building or plant.




Data Science
and Analytics


Reliable Data


Higher System Availability and Low Maintenance Costs

Central Monitoring Platform

Single Portal to monitor equipment across all sites which serves as one stop for all devices. Inverters at all sites are monitored at one page to gauge and benchmark the performance of assets across all sites

  • Real-time generation data from all plants of all developers
  • Specialized reports to track the perfromance of assets against expected performance
  • Forecast the generation from different plants and hence, strategize for the cash inflows in coming months
  • Get a unified view of any portfolio on one dashboard

Performance Tracking

Amplus Energy Monitoring System analyses the performance of each array to the minutest level. With all data at one place, probabilities of failure of equipment and, in turn, loss time can be found and avoided.

  • Track the Performance Ratios(PRs) of plants to get a sense of the efficiency of the system
  • Validation and recalibration of the technical assumptions used before the project execution
  • Provide customized energy management dashboards to help Operations and Maintenance personnel keep high uptime
  • Help in operational decisions like Cleaning Frequency, Maintenance schedules with the help of data