Top 6 Solar Energy Suppliers in India

Renewable Energy in Powering the Future

With the increasing cost of electricity, the infusion of renewable energy and especially solar with immense government support in the form of subsidies and schemes has made buying a solar power system lucrative to mass people in India. The need and want to buy a solar power system is increasing but there is still a lack of knowledge and awareness about the prices and brands amongst the customers.

Here is a list prepared on the basis of top rankings and does not include any personal preferences. It is based on quality work and creating superior panels. Steer through the list of leading 6 solar energy companies in India.

1. Amplus Energy Solutions Private Ltd

Amplus Energy Solutions is a leader in providing distributed solar and energy solutions to industrial and commercial customers in India. Amplus owns and manages a portfolio of operational and under-construction plants of approx. 300Mwp+ serving more than 100 customers at over 200 locations. Today Amplus has emerged as one of the leaders in distributed energy sector end-to-end solution provider – including Design, Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Monitoring, and Maintenance. Amplus creates value through –

  • Efficiencies in financing
  • Expert designing and development of the system
  • Operation and Maintenance

Unique Selling Proposition – ‘Own Plant with Zero Investment’

2. Vikram Solar

Vikram Solar is an internationally recognized solar energy supplier in India. It is an expert in high-efficiency PV module manufacturing and inclusive EPC solutions. It is a very active contributor in shaping the solar revolution. Vikram Solar has –

  • Advanced research and development structure
  • Professional and knowledgeable team
  • 1 GW annual capacity

3. Azure Power

Azure Power sells solar power in long-term fixed-price contracts and sometimes at prices which are lower than the current alternatives for the customers proving to be a leading solar energy supplier in India. It aims to be the lowest cost power producer in the world and have achieved a substantial reduction in solar project cost.

Unique Selling Proposition – ‘ Low Cost of Energy’

4. Waaree Solar

Waaree Solar is India’s largest vertically integrated solar energy solution company. The company aims at offering superior and budget energy solutions across the markets, reducing the carbon footprint. It carves a way for sustainable energy thereby improving the quality of current and future human life.

Unique Selling Proposition – ‘High quality and cost-effective sustainable energy solutions’

5. Emmvee Group

With priorities right in place, Emmvee group is a top solar energy supplier in India. In order to attain long-lasting efficiency, the company aims at developing long term business relationship with the leading component manufacturer and emphasize on the innovative quality management.

Unique Selling Proposition – ‘ Aim to offer solar energy to the maximum number of people’

6. Tata Power Solar Systems Ltd

Tata Power Solar Systems Ltd is a leading solar energy supplier in India. It is amongst India’s biggest integrated solar companies creating some innovative solar products. The services and products are listed as follows –

  • Creating Innovative solar products
  • Cutting Edge Manufacturing
  • EPC services for solar power projects

Unique Selling Proposition – ‘ Enable Solar Everywhere’

Amplus Solar

Amplus Solar

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