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The Top 2021 Trends for the PV Industry

Solar PV Industry Trends 2021

The Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Industry saw a recent surge in demand and popularity due to the increased demand for a more sustainable, clean, and cheap energy option. This concentrated focus has led to the birth of new and innovative solar PV technology trends that may soon be available for mass purchase if they aren’t already.

  1. Branching Out – The ability to generate energy from solar photovoltaic technology and systems has, as of now, been limited to powering industries and homes. However, predicted solar energy trends for 2021 show that there will be more of a market for other solar-powered fuel guzzlers, including cars. Solar cars have PV cells subtly mounted on their roofs to continuously convert sunlight into solar energy to power the car, with an inbuilt battery to store excess energy in case of emergencies or long distances.
  2. Increased Focus on Storage – Extra energy that is produced during sunny days can be stored in batteries built inside of the solar PV system. This then allows for the same solar energy to be used at night and even during cloudy days, stretching the ability of solar panels to function all the time. The ability for storage has helped to deal with issues like using solar energy during power outage crises and has been a massive financial gain for those who own solar PV systems. To hone this, there will be an increased engineer-driven focus on extending the abilities of solar batteries in the solar PV industry.
  3. Roof Compatibility – Previously, it was thought to be difficult to install solar on heavily slanted roofs. Further, they were even avoided because they were built in snowy climates that were thought to have inadequate levels of sunshine. However, solar PV systems still work in cold climates and the presence of snow can often boost their performance due to the increased intensity of sunshine that bounces off of white snow. All roofs, slanted and straight, are expected to have solar energy capabilities in 2021.
  4. Roof Shingles – Solar shingles are a smaller and thinner version of regular solar PV systems that can be easily attached to all roofs without a mounting structure. The lack of extra construction in mounting reduces the bulky visual of solar panels and creates a sleeker look, the perfect choice to match similarly polished and minimalist architecture.

In conclusion, the solar PV industry is getting smarter, cheaper, and more advanced, making the likelihood of a worldwide shift to solar highly feasible. To keep track of other trends that might hit the market, contact Amplus Solar.

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