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Repowering Solar Power Plants: Why and How to do it?

Repowering Solar Power Plants

Repowering solar power plants in India is a new method of maximizing the productivity of a commercial solar power plant while also increasing its longevity. As solar technology has developed, it is already cheaper and more easily available than ever before, shifting the focus to new ways of increasing efficiency. This has culminated in solar repowering, also known as photovoltaic repowering, a process through which old and poorly functioning commercial solar power plants can be revamped.

What is Solar Repowering?

Repowering is a process through which the outdated, damaged, and poorly functioning components of the solar plant are replaced with the latest technology – fixing previous problems while also adding new upgrades. This is a double benefit for consumers who purchase repowering from commercial solar energy companies as developments in the solar industry from the point of purchase to the point of repowering have resulted in highly effective replacements that are also much cheaper than they would have been earlier.

Why is Repowering needed? 

Commercial solar power plants face the harshness of weather with time, while also suffering from age-induced wear and tear (when not done well during the design phase). Thus, an upgrade is bound to be needed if the solar plant is old, or if there is a need for an increase in solar energy production levels. The latter can occur due to unnoticed errors during the design phase. Degradation of the crystalline modules that constitute a solar panel is the primary cause for lower levels of efficiency, something that can be easily replaced through repowering. Lastly, it is important to note that while the most common deterioration that occurs with age should not affect the production, sometimes certain issues aren’t visible to the naked eye during the initial few years and repowering can solve any solar energy deficits that may be occurring due to this. Thus, even if the plant itself is not visibly worn out, you can still replace it with a newer plant.

How can I Repower?

Repowering is primarily specific to different cases and any true estimate of reparations needed can only be made by an official from a solar power company who may assess the damage and general distress of the solar plant to make recommendations. However, the most common alteration done would be to install new solar panel modules to increase productivity and create a higher yield of solar energy. For off-grid panels, commercial solar energy companies may advise replacing old batteries with new models, preventing any loss of energy in storage and creating a higher holding capacity. Further, if large parts of the solar plant function to an acceptable standard, only the specific non-performing entities of the whole construction will be removed – to save money, avoid unnecessary waste, and allow for a quicker process.

Regardless of whether you think that your commercial solar power plant needs to be repowered or not, it is best to contact a solar power company offering repowering and ask them to assess the functioning of the solar plant. The quicker the process starts, the better, as you may be losing out on solar energy and facing unseen damage without realizing it. Amplus is one such solar power company that may assist you with your repowering needs. To contact Amplus, click here.

Amplus Solar

Amplus Solar

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