Everything You Need to Know About Solar Warranty

Solar power projects are thought of as investments, meaning that their longevity and durability are banked on by the customer, at the time of purchase. Most solar companies in India provide a warranty of 25 years, but this does not mean that your plant will only function for this duration. Commercial solar panel systems have been known to remain in operation for over 40 years too, but the efficiency may drop by a few percentages.

So the important question is, if I’m provided with a 25-year warranty, what does this cover? 

To answer this, we first need to understand which type of warranty your solar power project has. There are two types, performance warranties, and manufacturing/product warranties, and the coverage of both varies.

Performance warranty gives consumers the assurance that the gradual decrease in efficiency does not accelerate, and maintains a reasonable rate of functioning. With age and general deterioration, the full effectiveness of solar energy battery storage may begin to drop at a rate of no more than 0.5% to 1% a year. This means that while the plant may operate at 97% within the first year of purchase, this may decline to 91% at the ten-year mark, and may reach 81% at 25 years. This gradual decline is natural for all machinery, especially those that are exposed 24/7 to the natural elements, and such a drop is to be expected. However, if this irrationally begins to decline steeply, your performance warranty will step in to repair the panels, provide extra panels to make up the loss, or even provide a refund to the customer for the difference in the wattage expected and the wattage received. Thus, your solar company of choice in India should facilitate compensation for such a solar energy battery storage loss.

For those with manufacturing/product warranties, this covers the malfunctioning of certain features or manufacturing defects that may be interfering with the general functioning of the solar plant. This usually offers 10-12 year protection and can be claimed if there are:

  1. damaged components such as the cells, back sheet, frame errors, etc.
  2. installation flaws leading to faulty connectors or loose pieces.
  3. visible deterioration of the panels in the form of stains, rust, scratches caused by debris, and other such wear and tear that may be ruining the effectiveness of the plant.

For such cases, the company will repair the solar panels, and substitute the non-effective portions for new panels, or refund the depreciated cost. However, it is important to note that the warranty may be ruled out if there has been visible tampering with the plant in the form of toxic chemicals leading to degradation, accidental physical breakage, movement of the plant without professional help, and other such personal mistakes.

To learn more about Ampuls Solar’s warranties and for answers to other such questions, click here to view the FAQs page.

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