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If you have already installed solar PV panels that are powering your lights, fans, machinery, and other electrical appliances- you have already taken a giant step in the right direction.

With this initiative towards sustainable energy consumption, you may already be experiencing a significant reduction in your overall energy bill. So, what’s next?

Now, you need to monitor and maintain your solar panels using an energy monitoring system.

What are Solar Energy Monitoring Systems and How do they Work?

As the name implies, solar energy monitoring systems track and monitor the performance of your solar plant to ensure that it operates at maximum efficiency.

Most solar monitoring systems operate using the solar plant’s inverter. This inverter converts the solar energy generated in DC to AC for use by your electrical appliances. Information about the solar power generated is captured by the energy monitoring system in place.

These systems make use of an easy-to-use intuitive dashboard to help you understand the status of your solar plant at a glance. The monitoring software enables you to quickly detect problems and defects in the solar panels and complete the necessary repairs without any downtime.

Apart from the advantage of preventive maintenance, solar monitoring systems offer historical data related to several factors like weather-conditions and so on. Using this, you can extrapolate how weather and other external conditions impact solar production. You can use these insights to position and modify solar panels to optimize their performance.

Benefits of Solar Monitoring Systems

Solar monitoring systems offer an incredible array of benefits. Here is how solar monitors help you get the most from your solar PV arrays.

1. Optimal Usage of the Solar Energy Generated

One of the most significant benefits of getting your solar plant hooked to an energy monitoring system is that you can easily see when you have sufficient solar power to turn on high-load appliances.

Most solar energy monitoring systems use handy icons and bars to denote the real-time availability of solar power in the plant. This input is useful to decide when you can use high-load electrical appliances, without having to worry about using the extra energy from the grid.

2. Enjoy Peace of Mind, Knowing That All Your Solar Panels Are Working Perfectly

Solar monitoring systems show real-time data about the condition of the solar panels. This way, you can quickly spot any defects and troubleshoot issues before they pose a significant problem.

3. Get Access to the Data That Matters Most to You

Solar panel operations produce plenty of numbers that may seem overwhelming at times. With a solar monitoring system, instead of just seeing strings of numbers, you get all relevant data presented in an easy-to-read format.

4. Track Data Over Time

Apart from displaying current data, solar energy monitoring systems provide you with access to in-depth and historical data about your solar panels. What more, you can view this data online as well as offline. Whether you want to track solar power data – from the last few days, weeks, months or even years – you can access it quickly with just a few clicks.

With this historical data regarding the performance of your solar panels, you can ensure that the system is right on track and make the necessary changes to accommodate for the varying weather conditions at various times of the year.

To sum it up, with an energy monitoring system, you can efficiently track and avert any problems with your solar panels before they become a critical issue. Further, it helps you get the most out of your solar panels, by delivering customized performance reports and forecasts.

The Amplus Data Monitoring Solution

The Amplus Data Monitoring Solution is a great way to monitor and track the performance of your solar plant in real-time, thereby ensuring that it runs optimally, making your business smart.

Highlights of the Energy Monitoring System from Amplus:

Intuitive Visualization + Data Science and Analytics + Reliable real-time and historical data provides you with higher visibility of the performance of your solar plant, zero downtime, and low maintenance costs.

The state-of-the-art in-house data monitoring system from Amplus helps you stay on top of your plant’s performance at any time. You can track and monitor multiple solar plants remotely in real-time.

Centralized Monitoring System:

  • A single portal that can be accessed across devices, providing you with a unified view of your solar portfolio from a single dashboard.
  • Real-time data generated, collected and monitored from multiple solar power plants.
  • Customized reports in tune with your specific business requirements.
  • Forecast of solar generation for coming months, based on historical performance, so you can optimize your power usage accordingly.

Accurate and Real-Time Performance Tracking:

  • Micro-monitoring of individual solar arrays, to reduce downtime and to boost system reliability.
  • Customized dashboards, maintenance personnel and a remote monitoring team that tracks your solar panels around the clock.

Additionally, Amplus also provides continued assistance in other operations like cleaning and maintenance of your solar panels.

Keep an Eye on your Solar Panels 24 x 7!

Simply put, the solar energy monitoring system acts as your virtual eye, helping you track and monitor the performance of your solar panels from anywhere and anytime.

Amplus Solar

Amplus Solar

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