25kW Solar Panel System Price in India (2024)

25kW Solar System Price in India

A 25kW solar system is the best fit for small to medium businesses and industries wanting to cut overhead costs and save money on utility bills. This system size is also installed to power large housing societies, farmhouses and residential buildings in India.

Consider the upfront price of a 25kW solar system as a long-term investment that promises 25+ years of incredible returns in terms of clean, low-cost energy supply. Solar systems are designed for high-performance efficiency with low maintenance requirements.

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Approx monthly electricity bill (INR)*

The Working of 25kW Solar System

The solar system starts generating electricity as soon as your 25kW solar panels get sunshine. Each panel carries a group of silicon photovoltaic (PV) cells. Solar panels are arranged together to form a solar array, which amplifies their energy generation capacity.

As photons in sunlight strike solar cells, it sets electrons free. The flow of these electrons generates DC electricity. A solar inverter then converts the DC electricity into AC electricity suitable to run appliances and electronics. The inverter also regulates the amount of electricity being fed into the electrical grid. It ensures that only excess energy is sent to the grid.

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If you pair a battery bank with your panels, the excess energy is stored in batteries for later use when solar output declines due to inclement weather. The home’s electrical system is connected to the 25kW solar system, allowing the solar electricity to power lights, appliances, and other devices.

Benefits of 25kW Solar System

  1. Lower electricity bills: Using solar power generated by on-site solar panels can reduce or even eliminate monthly electricity bills as solar becomes your primary source of electricity.
  2. Increased home value: In addition to reducing electricity costs and carbon emissions, a solar system also boosts your property’s market value. The long-term savings increase your property’s energy efficiency, thereby attracting qualified and motivated buyers.
  3. Increased energy independence: With a 25kW solar system, a property is less dependent on grid-supplied power. Solar energy is a more secure and reliable power source as it’s inexhaustible and available for free.
  4. Environmental protection: Unlike conventional energy sources, the process of generating solar power is clean and does not emit harmful pollutants responsible for climate change.

25kW Solar System Price List & Specification

The 25kW solar panel system price in India varies depending on the location, brand, installation cost, and more. The 25kW solar system costs range between Rs. 10 lakhs to Rs. 20 lakhs depending on technology, type, and brand (components from top-tier brands offer higher performance efficiency and lifespan).


25 kW Solar Price

25 kW On-grid solar system

Rs. 11,25,000
25 kW Off-grid solar system

Rs. 16,75,000

25 kW hybrid solar system

Rs. 19,50,000

Key specifications of a 25kW solar system:

Key components Solar panels (at least 75% performance efficiency), solar mounting structure, solar inverter, solar batteries (optional), the balance of system (cables, fuses, MCBs, and Distribution boxes)

*For residential applications, all components should be in compliance with MNRE guidelines and ALMM standards to be eligible under the subsidy scheme.

Energy output – 100 kWh of electricity per day

– 3,000 kWh of electricity per month 

– 36,500 kWh of electricity per year

Area required To install a 25kW solar system, you need shade-free space of 150 sq. mtr.

 Type of 25kW Solar Panel System

Three main types of home solar systems are available in the market to suit various industrial, commercial, and residential applications. Having a basic understanding of each system type is important to figure out your upfront 25kW solar system price and the advantages you can expect throughout your solar ownership.

  • On-grid 25kW solar system (regulated under the net metering mechanism)
  • Off-grid 25kW solar system (suitable for remote locations)
  • Hybrid 25kW solar system (connects to the grid and also includes solar batteries)

25kW On-grid Solar System Specification

Also referred to as a “grid-tied system”, an on-grid framework is the most economical solar system option and allows you to stay connected to the grid.  A 25kW on-grid solar system uses solar panels and an inverter to supply low-cost electricity while sending the surplus to the grid.

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A 25kW on-grid installation also includes a net metre set-up to monitor the inflow and outflow of power. When solar panels exceed their standard energy production during peak sun hours, the unused energy is transferred to the power grid. This transfer of energy translates to solar credits, which are reflected in the subsequent electricity bill. Solar credits can be adjusted to pay for the grid electricity withdrawals if you have used grid power to meet your additional energy demand.

25kW Off-Grid Solar System Specification

25kW off-grid solar systems function independently of the public grid and have solar batteries to maintain an additional energy reserve. The electricity produced by 25kW solar panels is enough to keep your property powered during the day and charge your batteries to meet your energy demand during the night hours and on bad weather days.

The inclusion of batteries increases the price of a 25kW solar panel system. At the same time, batteries make solar systems more dependable and save you from recurring power outages.

25kW Hybrid Solar System Specification

The advantages of both on-grid (with a net meter) and off-grid (with batteries) solar systems are combined in a 25kW hybrid solar system. Due to its crossover characteristics, it’s called a “hybrid solar system.” It is connected to the public grid and offers the flexibility of solar batteries and the net metering mechanism.

This solar system is perfect for you if you want to avoid power outages and reduce electricity expenses. In this arrangement, solar batteries provide backup power, and you can export extra electricity to the utility grid as per the net metering mechanism. The price of a 25kW solar system in India is the highest if you opt for a hybrid installation framework and so are the advantages. A hybrid system promises greater reliability and energy independence.

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25kW Solar Panel System Facts

  • The size of 25kW solar panels is a significant factor to consider whether you intend on a roof-mounted or ground-mounted installation. A solar panel’s dimensions can range from 65 inches by 39 inches to approximately 5.4 feet by 3.25 feet. Depending on the manufacturer, the dimensions may vary.
  • Most solar panel manufacturers offer a 25-year performance warranty on their products. This warranty guarantees the efficiency and production capacity of your panels throughout their lifespan. For example, a panel with a warranty of 25 years and an 80% performance warranty means that the panel is guaranteed to produce at least 80% of its rated power output during its 25 years of use.
  • It’s important to note that the warranty on batteries and inverters, which is 5-10 years, is typically shorter than what you get on solar panels. Unlike solar panels, the other components have moving parts and are more likely to suffer wear and tear over time. Additionally, the performance of batteries and inverters degrades over time. It’s important to regularly maintain them to ensure their performance and longevity and replace them when needed.

25kW System Installation Cost in India

The solar system installation cost in India varies depending on several factors, including the size of the system, location, and type of system (off-grid, grid-tied, hybrid, etc.).

On average, a 25kW on-grid solar system in India can cost anywhere from Rs. 10 lakhs to Rs. 20 lakhs, including installation and equipment. The exact cost depends on factors such as the type of panels used, the quality of the equipment, and the installation location.

It’s important to note that government incentives and subsidies may be available for homeowners who install solar systems in India, making them even more cost-effective. A professional solar installer or energy consultant can provide a detailed quote and help consider the cost, incentives available, and suitable financing options for a specific installation.

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25kW Solar System Subsidy in India

In India, the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) provides subsidies and incentives to encourage the adoption of solar energy. Only grid-tied and hybrid solar systems for residential use are eligible to benefit under the subsidy scheme.

Rooftop Solar System Capacity Applicable Subsidy (₹)
Up to 3kW 18,000/kW
Above 3kW and up to 10kW 9,000/kW*
Above 10kW 1,17,000**
Note: *₹18,000/kW for the first 3kW and ₹9,000/kW for the rest of the capacity up to 10kW.

**The subsidy amount is fixed for rooftop solar systems above 10kW capacity.

25kW Solar Panel System Price in India with Subsidy

The CFA calculations below illustrate the estimated prices of 25kW solar panel systems in India. Please refer to the National Portal for Rooftop Solar to understand the CFA/subsidy structure and other relevant details.


25kW Solar Plant Price Subsidy Applicable Prices After Subsidy

25kW On-grid solar system

Rs. 11,25,000 Rs. 1,17,000 Rs. 10,08,000
25kW Off-grid solar system Rs. 16,75,000 Not applicable

No change

25kW Hybrid solar system Rs. 19,50,000 Rs. 1,17,000

Rs. 18,33,000

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Approx monthly electricity bill (INR)*

Frequently Asked Questions About 25kW Solar System

How does a home solar system work?

A home solar system converts sunlight into electricity using photovoltaic (PV) panels. The electricity is then used to power the home, and any excess energy can be fed back into the electrical grid.

What is the price of a 25kW solar panel system in India?

The 25kW solar panel price in India varies depending on the brand and the equipment used. On average, it can cost between Rs. 29 to 50 per watt depending on the efficiency rating of your 25kW solar panels

What type of solar system is best for a commercial establishment?

If you have figured out your annual energy requirements, determining the most suitable solar system size and capacity should be easy. Most residential and commercial customers go for an on-grid or hybrid solar system to benefit from the net metering system. An off-grid framework is more suitable if you are in a remote location.

How long do 25kW solar panels last?

The average lifespan of high-quality 25kW solar panels is 25 years. Solar panels require very little maintenance to perform at their peak efficiency level. In most scenarios, solar panels continue to generate power even beyond their warrantied lifespan, but at a reduced efficiency level.

Can a 25kW solar system provide enough energy to power my business?

A professional solar installer evaluates your location’s solar potential and recommends the most suitable system size that can offset a significant part of your utility costs and hit your solar goals.

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