3kW Solar Panel System: Price in India, Subsidy, Specifications, Benefits & More

3 kW Solar Power system

Solar is an efficient way to generate free electricity for your home without putting a strain on your wallet. Both households and businesses are opting for home solar systems in large numbers. Solar is likely to replace conventional energy sources in the near future. 

A 3kW solar panel system can generate enough power to meet the energy needs of a small house or business. Wonder how much electricity a 3kW solar system produces? On average, this system size has between 8 and 11 solar panels. 

The power units generated by 3kW solar panels per day in sunny weather conditions is 12kWh. Therefore, you are likely to receive a monthly supply of 360 kWh of electricity on average. 

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Approx monthly electricity bill (INR)*

The Working of 3kW Solar Panels

Solar photovoltaic technology is utilized in panels to generate electricity. Regardless of your 3kW solar panel size and type or the nature of your solar energy system, the power is generated through the same photovoltaic effect. 

When the photons in the sunlight come in contact with a PV module, the solar cells strung together absorb these photons. This creates a flow of energy or direct current, and it requires a solar inverter to transform it into usable alternating current (AC) energy. This converted energy then powers your home or office.

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3kW Solar System Price List & Specifications

The prices for a 3kW solar system for homes in India vary depending on the type of panels. Other factors include the quality of the solar components making up your 3kW solar system and the mounting structure used to set up your solar PV array. On average, your upfront solar investment can range between Rs. 1,60,000 to 3,00,000. Here is an estimate of what 3000-watt solar panel system prices in India may look like.

Model 3kW Solar Price
3kW On-grid solar system Rs. 2,13,300 Onwards*
3kW Off-grid solar system Rs. 2,40,000
3kW Hybrid solar system Rs. 2,70,000

The key specifications associated with a 3kW rooftop solar system are outlined below:

Key components Solar panels (at least 75% performance efficiency), solar mounting structure, solar inverter, solar batteries (optional), the balance of system (cables, fuses, MCBs, and Distribution boxes)

*All components should be in compliance with MNRE guidelines and ALMM standards to be eligible under the subsidy scheme.

Energy output How many units of power is generated by a 3kW solar panel system?

– 12 units of electricity/day

– 360 units of electricity/month 

– 4,320 units of electricity/year

Appliances powered All home appliances, such as a TV, washing machine, fan, fridge, and lighting system
Area required for 3kW solar panel system A 300 sq ft open, shade-free space

Types of a 3kW Home Solar System

It’s important to choose the right type of solar system to unlock the maximum potential of solar PV technology for your home or business. Your selection also decides the final 3kW solar system cost for you. There are three main types of home solar systems:

  • Grid-connected 
  • Stand-alone, off-grid
  • Hybrid

3kW On-grid solar System Specification

An on-grid framework is one where your 3kW solar system is grid-interactive and gets billed as per the net metering regulations. The net meter integrated into your system is designed to record the inflow and outflow of electricity between your 3kW solar panels and the local grid.

For every solar energy unit fed to the grid, you receive solar credits. On the other hand, grid power withdrawals levy a charge. Households are required to settle the difference with their local DISCOM company at the end of every month.

If you are looking for the most cost-effective solar system for your home or business, you would want to know the 3kW on-grid solar system price in India. On average, on-grid systems can cost between 2,13,300 to 3,59,296 depending on your choice of components. Also, this type of system is eligible under the national solar subsidy program that aims to reduce the 3kW on-grid solar system price in India with subsidy for residential customers.

3kW Off-Grid Solar System Specification

An off-grid framework operates effectively independent of the local grid. The battery bank is an important component in a stand-alone off-grid solar system that stores surplus solar energy generated by your panels. The battery supplies power when your solar panels are dormant during the night hours or don’t receive enough sunlight due to inclement weather.

The price of a 3kW off-grid solar system in India is estimated to be around 2,40,000, inclusive of installation.

3kW Hybrid Solar System Specification

A hybrid solar system combines the features and advantages of on-grid and off-grid systems. If you want to ensure an uninterrupted supply of electricity in your home or office, a hybrid framework provides you with a robust battery backup and the flexibility of the grid connection.

By staying connected to the grid, you take advantage of the net metering mechanism and send and withdraw power as needed. Also, your solar batteries store surplus solar electricity generated by your solar panels. This unused electricity is supplied when the grid is down or during night hours.

If you are wondering about the price of a 3kW hybrid solar system in India, expect it to be somewhat around 2,70,000 including installation fees. The cost of this type of system exceeds the normal cost as it uses more components than others.

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3kW Solar system Facts & Benefits

  • A 3kW solar system generates 12–15 units per day. You can save between Rs. 66 and Rs. 90 per day, and between Rs. 1,650 and Rs. 2,250 per year. Within three years, the collected savings can help pay for the entire installation.
  • You can become self-sufficient from the regional utility grid by using solar power.
  • Based on Indian weather conditions, solar panels are functional 300 days out of 365 days a year. A power outage won’t ever be a concern if you choose to add solar batteries.
  • Solar energy is the most environmentally-friendly energy source available. The solar energy generation process doesn’t emit any greenhouse gases.
  • Solar panels continue to generate electricity (at a reduced efficiency level of 70% or below) beyond the 25 years of warrantied lifespan.
  • The price of a 3kW solar system in India with subsidy is quite affordable if you consider the savings and financial gains of solar. Most households recover the upfront solar investment in 6-8 years through these savings.

Facts About a 3kW Solar System

  • Solar batteries and the inverter in a 3kW solar system come with a product warranty of 5-10 years. Solar panels have 25 years of performance warranty.
  • Only on-grid and hybrid solar systems for residential use qualify to benefit under the national rooftop subsidy scheme.
  • To subsidise your 3-kilowatt solar panel system price, make sure you use made-in-India solar components and have the system installed only by an empanelled vendor. Remember to check out all the important eligibility details on the National Portal for Rooftop Solar if you want to benefit under the subsidy scheme.

3kW Solar System Installation Cost in India

Having figured out your 3kW solar panel price in India, it’s important to consider the cost of installation. Correct installation of your solar panels is the key to ensuring the efficient working of the panels and maximum energy output. 

So the total 3kW solar plant price involves the cost of the module mounting structure. Also, professional expertise is required to determine the correct orientation, size, shading, and average sun hours for setting up the solar panel array.

3kW Solar Panel System Price in India with Subsidy

For rooftop solar plants installed for residential use all over India, the following Central Financial Assistance (CFA)/ Central Government Subsidy are available.

Rooftop Solar System Capacity Applicable Subsidy (₹)
Up to 3 kW 18,000/kW
Above 3 kW and up to 10 kW 9,000/kW*
Above 10 kW 1,17,000**
Note: *₹18,000/kW for the first 3 kW and ₹9,000/kW for the rest of the capacity up to 10 kW.

**The subsidy amount is fixed for rooftop solar systems above 10 kW capacity.

The CFA calculations in the table below give an estimate of what to expect when it comes to 3kW solar panel price in India with subsidy

Model 3kW Solar Plant Price Subsidy Applicable Prices After Subsidy
3kW On-grid solar system Rs. 2,13,300 Onwards* Rs. 18,000 X 3 = Rs. 54,000 Rs. 1,59,300 Onwards*
3kW Off-grid solar system Rs. 2,40,000 Not applicable No change
3kW Hybrid solar system Rs. 2,70,000 Rs. 18,000 X 3 = Rs. 54,000 Rs. 2,16,000


The subsidies are available primarily for installations in neighbourhoods and houses. Anyone who wishes to install solar panels in their home can visit the National Portal for Rooftop Solar website. You can submit your subsidy application online and track the process from the comfort of your home. 

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Approx monthly electricity bill (INR)*

FAQs About 3kW Solar Panel System

How much I can save through solar subsidy on a self-consumption solar plant?

If you are considering solar for self-consumption, the subsidy can reduce the price of your 3-kilowatt solar panel system in India by up to Rs. 54,000 (Rs. 18,000 per kW). The CFA calculation depends on the type of your solar system and the capacity you choose for your home.

What is the size of a 3kW solar panel system?

A 3kW solar system requires about 7-10 solar panels. A single panel occupies an area of 1m x 1.7m, so a 3kW solar panel size might take up between 12 and 17 m2 of roof area. The size also depends on the wattage of the panels.

What appliances can we run on a 3kW solar system?

A 3kW solar system can power a television, refrigerator, lighting system, fan, washing machine, and dishwasher. 

How many ACs can you run on a 3kW solar system?

Considering that you need solar to meet your basic electricity needs, you might not have enough left to fulfil your air conditioning needs. In several cases, it’s possible to run a small 1-ton AC for a few hours.

How much area is required for a 3kW solar panel system?

To install a 3kW rooftop solar system, you need a 300 square feet area free of any shade.

What is the 3-kilowatt solar panel price in India?

A 3000-watt solar panel price in India is somewhere around Rs. 3,00,000/- that can generate an average of 360 kWh of electricity per month.

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