Dear Volunteers,

Thank you for your continued support in our journey. We are overwhelmed by your response. We are on our way to achieving our target of distributing a million masks and hence, we have now discontinued accepting new requests. All those who have already filled the form but not received the masks yet will receive their masks soon.

If you believe in this initiative and wish to help in creating a larger impact, you may contribute to this fundraiser here. Please also do share this fundraiser on your social media accounts to help spread the word.

You can bookmark this page, and stay updated about the latest developments of our Mask Distribution Drive.

Thank You.

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Million Smiles: About Our Initiative

Masks are playing a crucial role in controlling the spread of COVID – 19, and in keeping the community safe. In our societies and condominiums, we find many of our front-line workers (house helpers, security, couriers, guards, etc.) not wearing masks due to unavailability of proper masks.

Amplus Solar, as part of its CSR activity, has pledged to make available 1 million reusable cloth masks to the front-line workers. These drives started with societies and the DC Office, Gurgaon. They have now reached many other locations in various states across the country, including Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Karnataka.

We have collaborated with Urmul, an NGO, to procure the masks being used for this drive. This has enabled us to magnify the impact of our initiative. We are providing a livelihood to the ones who have lost their jobs, while securing the safety of the ones in need.


Masks being made by home-based women workers

Ensuring Safety with our Distribution Drive

Every drop counts. How your contribution can make a difference?

Your Contribution (in ₹) Number of People you can help
500 20
1,000 40
2,000 80
5,000 200
10,000 400

Join us in our Mask Distribution Drive to help us achieve our target of ensuring better safety for a million people, spreading a million smiles.