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Your Own Solar Plant at Zero Investment

Yamaha - largest rooftop solar power plant by Amplus 4

It’s high time that we realize the need to go solar. The concentration of greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere has increased considerably causing damage to the environment and affecting the health of living organisms. The main contributors to this are the large industries whose consumption of electricity is really high.

Solar energy is the only source of energy solution that is large enough to meet the long-term requirements of the planet without causing any harm to the environment. Now, you can easily opt to go solar with Amplus Solar.

Amplus Solar realizes how important it is to go solar and this is why we make it easier and efficient for you. We make sure that you gain benefits from it and make a smarter choice. Amplus Solar provides you with your very own solar plant at zero investment and a lot of profit. We set up the rooftop solar energy system at our own cost. There is no need of any capital investment from your side. There is no operating cost as well. All the operating and maintenance activities will be carried on by us without any charges throughout the term of the agreement. You will only be billed for what we generate that is the solar power. With us, you get a risk free savings with zero investment.

We provide you with an end to end solar solution. We specialize in rooftop solar power plants for on building rooftops, car parks, and open spaces within the premises on Build Own Operate Transfer (BOOT) basis and is an end-to-end solution provider – including Design, Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Monitoring, and Maintenance.

Let’s take some responsibility for our planet’s looming climate problems and give ourselves a solar plant at zero investment.

Amplus Solar

Amplus Solar

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