About 50kW Solar System: Price in India with Subsidy, Installation Cost, Specifications & More

50kW Solar panel System price in india with subsidy

Enjoy 25+ years of savings on power costs and lasting returns by investing in a powerful 50kW solar system. This system capacity is heavily suited for medium to large-sized businesses and housing societies. These include office buildings, hospitality venues, educational institutions, and other establishments.

If your facility has an energy demand of an average of 200kW per day, you would be better off with a 50kW solar system.

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Approx monthly electricity bill (INR)*

The Working of a 50kW Solar System and Its Benefits

A solar panel (or solar photovoltaic module) is made up of multiple silicon cells laid out in a layer. These silicon solar cells absorb sunlight (both direct and infrared rays) that set free the electrons in the silicon, creating a flow of energy. Your 50kW solar panels generate electricity in DC form that passes through the solar inverter and gets converted into usable AC electricity.

Solar energy benefits everyone – your home’s or business’s economy, your lifestyle, and the environment. 

Lower Electricity Bill

A 50kW solar system can literally take you off the grid. Every unit of free solar electricity used translates to savings as you take less and less of the grid power. The financial advantages of solar energy eventually help you recover your upfront 50kW solar system cost in just 6-8 years. Once your solar panels are paid off, solar energy becomes free for you.

Earn Solar Credits

Connecting your 50kW solar system brings you additional benefits. By transferring the surplus solar electricity to the grid, you can get solar credits for your monthly contribution to the grid. Residents can further use these credits to pay off their grid withdrawals or get paid in cash at the year-end by the local utility company.

Environmental Gains

Solar is celebrated for its incredible financial benefits. Unlike conventional energy sources, solar is available in abundance and provides an emission-free, reliable source of power. Using solar is likely to help mitigate climate change and lead us towards a greener future.

50 Kilowatt Solar Panel Price List & Specifications

The past decade has seen India’s solar market become more competitive. With solar photovoltaic technology becoming more efficient and powerful, 50kW solar system prices in India have declined sharply. Choosing premium components from top-tier manufacturers can surely add to your 50kW solar plant cost. However, consumers are recommended to carefully understand the options available to design the more valuable solar plant for their home or business.


50kW Solar Price

50kW On-grid solar system

Rs. 20,50,000
50kW Off-grid solar system

Rs. 30,00,000

50kW Hybrid solar system

Rs. 37,50,000

Key specifications of a 50kW solar Panel system:


Key components Solar panels (at least 75% performance efficiency), solar mounting structure, solar inverter, solar batteries (optional), the balance of system (cables, fuses, MCBs, and Distribution boxes)

*For residential applications, all components should be in compliance with MNRE guidelines and ALMM standards to be eligible under the subsidy scheme.

Energy output – 240-350 kWh of electricity per day

– 7,000-10,000 kWh of electricity per month 

– 2,10,000 kWh of electricity per year

Area required To install a 50kW solar system, you need shade-free space of 258.4 m2 – 328.1 m2.

Different Types of 50kW Home Solar Systems

Three types of 50kW solar systems are available in the market to suit a wide range of commercial and residential applications. Selecting the right one requires that you understand each of the system’s unique features and functionalities. And then you can consider which one can meet your energy needs.

  • On-grid 50kW solar system (regulated under the net metering mechanism)
  • Off-grid 50kW solar system (suitable for remote locations)
  • Hybrid 50kW solar system (connects to the grid and also includes solar batteries)

50kW On-grid Solar System Specifications

A 50kW grid-tied solar system is a framework that facilitates the outflow and inflow of electricity between your home and the grid. This type of system is suitable for those consumers who want the flexibility and dependability of the net metering mechanism. Also, a grid-connected 50kW solar system price is more affordable than others as it requires fewer components.

A net meter is an important component that monitors and records the flow of energy between the solar panels and the grid. Surplus energy generated during peak sun hours can be fed to the grid in exchange for solar credits. Also, you have a reliable grid power supply if your system’s solar energy output is not sufficient due to unfavourable weather conditions.

50kW Off-grid Solar System Specifications

Electricity tariff rates are higher in regions where the grid is located far away from your property. You might even face frequent power cuts. A 50kW off-grid solar system can help consumers become self-sufficient and generate the power they need on the site. High-performing solar panels combined with the right number of solar batteries can give you a reliable power supply around the clock.

Solar batteries maintain enough energy backup by collecting all the unused solar electricity. This energy keeps your home or business powered when solar panels aren’t producing enough electricity.

50kW Hybrid Solar System Specifications

A hybrid framework is the most powerful 50kW solar system and can help you achieve absolute energy independence. In the hybrid model, the solar system has the functionality of both the on-grid and off-grid framework. The 50kW solar panels are the primary source of energy and meet a majority of your energy needs. Solar batteries keep your home powered during night hours and power outages.

If you still need additional power beyond what your solar panels and batteries provide, you have the flexibility to draw grid electricity. A hybrid solar system is regulated as per the net metering mechanism and gets billed monthly.

50kW Solar Panel System Facts

Number of solar panels: The cost of a 50kW solar system in India depends on the wattage of the solar panels used. On average, panels range from 275 watts to 350 watts. You have enough options to select the right solar panels that fit your roof space, budget, and solar goals. Here is what different choices can look like for you:

  • With 275-watt panels, your system requires 182 solar panels and occupies approximately 291.2 m2.
  • With 300-watt panels, your system requires 167 solar panels and occupies approximately 267.2 m2.
  • With 350-watt panels, your system requires 143 solar panels and occupies approximately 228.8 m2.

Warranty: Solar components are manufactured for lasting performance. Solar panels often have a performance warranty of 25 years whereas other components like batteries and solar inverters have 5-10 years of product warranty. 

Subsidy: The central government of India is offering subsidy aid to reduce the cost of solar for residential use. If you are considering 50kW solar plant cost in India, remember that you can avail subsidy and reduce your upfront solar investment. To be eligible under the simplified subsidy scheme, you must invest in a grid-connect solar system composed of made-in-India solar components. Also, hire an empanelled vendor to correctly install your system as per the prescribed technical specifications and standards. Visit the National Portal for Rooftop Solar to find all the latest details about the scheme and initiate your subsidy process online.

50kW Solar System Installation Cost in India

Installing a roof-mounted solar PV system requires careful planning and consideration. To determine the correct mount angle and position, it’s important to assess your roof and figure out the orientation, size, shading, and average sun hours. This helps ensure that your panels are mounted safely and efficiently. To perform all these tasks, it needs an experienced solar installer who can do a thorough site assessment and plan the entire process.

The best way to determine the installation cost for your 50kW solar plant is to seek quotes from multiple vendors. Alternatively, you can hire a one-stop solar energy company that has the expertise to handle your solar project from design to installation. 

50kW Solar Panel System Subsidy in India

For rooftop solar plants installed for residential use all over India, the following Central Financial Assistance (CFA)/ Central Government Subsidy are available.

Rooftop Solar System Capacity

Applicable Subsidy (₹)

Up to 3 kW


Above 3 kW and up to 10 kW


Above 10 kW


Note: *₹18,000/kW for the first 3 kW and ₹9,000/kW for the rest of the capacity up to 10 kW.

**The subsidy amount is fixed for rooftop solar systems above 10 kW capacity.

50kW Solar Panel System Price in India with Subsidy

Refer to the CFA calculations below to understand the estimated prices of 50kW solar panel systems in India



50kW Solar Plant Price Subsidy Applicable Prices After Subsidy

50kW On-grid solar system

Rs. 20,50,000 Rs. 1,17,000 Rs. 19,33,000
50kW Off-grid solar system Rs. 30,00,000 Not applicable

No change

50kW Hybrid solar system Rs. 37,50,000 Rs. 1,17,000

Rs. 36,33,000

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Approx monthly electricity bill (INR)*

Frequently Asked Questions – 50Kw Solar Panel System

How much electricity do 50kW solar panels generate?

A 50kW solar plant can give you approximately 300kWh power on bright and sunny days. On average, you can squeeze out a daily output of 200kWh from your solar panels.

Is a 50kW solar system the right size for my property?

Among the many factors that influence system sizing, your electricity usage is the most important one. Hence start by checking your monthly utility bills for the past 12 months. Consider picking a system that gives you enough power to offset at least a major part of your electricity cost.

Will a 50kW solar system keep me powered at night and during outages?

By adding solar batteries, you can create hours of energy backup in your home. When solar panels are dormant or give less output, you can rely on your solar batteries for power supply and also during blackouts.

Does a 50kW solar system need a lot of maintenance?

Solar systems require very little maintenance. With an annual cleaning routine, you can keep your solar panels clear of any buildups that might affect their performance.

Do I still get electricity bills with a 50kW solar system?

As long as your home is connected to the grid, you will receive monthly electricity bills. Even if you haven’t made any grid power withdrawals in a month, you will still receive a bill with a net zero or a credit balance.

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