10 Ways to Make Your Organization Energy Efficient


Energy efficiency of an organization can be attributed to how effectively it is optimizing the usage of electricity, transportation fuel, and cooking gas.  Based on a survey, 7% of the total electricity bill is consumed by the high- end gadgets and equipment such as chargers, scanners, desktops, projectors etc. used in the office. Moreover, a significant percentage of the total bill is through the inordinate tariffs organizations pay for energy usage during peak hours. An organization needs to perform periodic energy assessment and should implement the findings to stay energy efficient.

Following quick fixes, which are a combination of renewable, technical and behavioral measures, can save energy in your organization:-

  • Bring solar in the energy mix: Install a rooftop or ground-mounted PV plant based on the space availability in your premises to harness solar energy in the daytime.
  • Use bio-degradable wastes for producing biogas: If the scale of bio-degradable wastes generated in your organization is quite high, you can install a small biogas plant to meet your cooking gas requirements.
  • Harness solar thermal energy: Solar energy can also be utilized for hot water supply in office as well as for centralized heating during winter season.
  • Resort to power strips: A lot of equipment or electronic devices use phantom energy. These devices continue to drip electricity from the electrical outlet even if the device is turned off. Use of attached power strips for electronic clusters will be helpful because one can shut it off at one go. One can flip off the power strip while he or she is shutting the office. This will help to unplug everything at once.
  • Use new and small Refrigerators: Plenty of business owners use old and bulky refrigerators to save electricity. But the old models, even when functioning properly, consume more electricity than the new models. Similarly, consider using mini refrigerators when a big refrigerator is not required in the This too will help in saving energy.
  • Purchase Star rated energy products: Using star rated energy products assures you that these models save more energy than the regular ones. This is because such models automatically go into power saving mode after a few minutes and don’t need to be set manually. Using such products, therefore, will have a huge impact on energy savings.
  • Have Plug-in timers for Coffee Machines and Water Coolers: If you have water coolers and coffee machines capable of giving 24/7 hot water, it is essential to keep plug- in timers. This helps you to program the functioning with respect to power on and off. Keeping the water coolers off at night or when the office is not in use will bring a remarkable change in saving energy.
  • Replace desktops by laptops: Laptops consume around 80% less energy than desktops. Switching to laptops will save energy.
  • Put to sleep modes: There is an energy saving mode offered for printers, computers, fax machines, and copiers. This sleep or power saving mode is enabled when the equipment is idle for a long time. Most electronics now come with an automatic power save mode. Use of such equipment will save energy.
  • Shut-Down: Machines must shut-down at night. Shutting down the machine at night or when the office is closed, will also help in saving electricity.
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