Turbocharge your savings on electricity

Starts @ Rs. 3/unit*

Government of India is Promoting Solar energy among select sectors through the SECI scheme for :

  • Schools
  • Colleges
  • Universities
  • Hospitals
  • Medical Institutes
To avail this scheme, fill in these details

Amplus will implement this for you at record low tariffs for
State Tariff (Rs. Per unit)
Haryana 5.23
Himachal Pradesh 3
Karnataka 4.559
Madhya Pradesh 5.38
Maharashtra 4.559
Punjab 6.2
Rajasthan 4.5
Uttarakhand 3
Delhi 4.75
Jammu & Kashmir 5.65
State Tariff (Rs. Per unit)
Odisha 4.9
Uttar Pradesh 5.47
Gujarat 6.12
Tamil Nadu 5.55
Telangana 5.35
Puducherry 3
Jharkhand 5.47
North eastern/Sikkim 4.81
Andhra Pradesh 5.25

Is your answer is YES to any of these questions? Solar is the right thought and Amplus Solar’s Power@2.97 could be the right solution.

If you are in an Educational or Medical establishment, let us know your interest – we will be your energy saving partners!

Amplus Solar won 14.5 MW of SECI Tender to install solar rooftop plants under the RESCO model on 28th October 2016. Click here to view Letter of allocation.


* Terms & Conditions apply