Open Access Solar

Under open access, Amplus meets the client’s electricity needs by supplying solar power produced in Amplus’ off-site solar park using state transmission. The solar power is supplied under OPEX model wherein client agrees to purchase power at a predetermined tariff. Amplus has developed 42 MW solar park, called as Nayaka in Chitradurga, Karnataka. This solar farm will provide solar power to clients such as ABB, Reckitt Benckiser, L&T, IFB, and Honda. Amplus is geared up to come up with more such solar parks so to benefit commercial and industrial consumers not having enough area within their premises for an onsite solar plant, with cheap solar power. As of now, Amplus holds inter-state trading rights for --- units of solar energy supply. Under open access, tariff payable by the customer is the sum total of tariff quoted by Amplus and the open access charges levied by the State Government on account of transmission, distribution and different gird-related losses. This open access charge can even be as low as zero for some states such as Karnataka. Other states with supportive open access policies are Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, and Andhra Pradesh to name a few.

Open Access in power sector gives the right to the consumer to buy power directly from the market and not necessarily from the utility grid. As per the Electricity Act, a bulk consumer with more than 1 MW connected load, can buy power through from any producer and not only the local utility. Open access projects are economically more sustainable given the economies of scale benefits can be achieved by aggregating loads of multiple consumers. Open Access policies in India are decided by the state utility.